Laura B. DeLind is a sociocultural anthropologist and food system activist. Officially retired from Michigan State University, she remains an advocate of more placed-based, democratic, and just systems of food production, distribution, and consumption. Laura is a co-founder of the Lansing Urban Farm Project and currently serves as board president.
I am a farmer in the greater Lansing area with thirty plus years as a producer of organic fruit, vegetables and meat. I am the general manager of a local small producer cooperative that markets and distributes eggs and pork products, for its members, throughout the state. I am committed to local food production and food security for our community.
Anna McClurkan is a recent graduate from Michigan State University in Agriculture Education, Environmental Studies, as well as Sustainable Food Systems. Through her course of study, she became very interested in nonprofit work that focuses on connecting and supporting local growers within the local community. She's very excited to be part of the Lansing Urban Farm Project.
Nancy McCrohan has been a board member since 2016. She is a long-time Eastside resident, local food enthusiast, and herb devotee. In her day job, she conducts policy and program research focused on healthy communities, food systems, workforce, and community development.
Matthew Miller is an editor at the Lansing State Journal and a fresh tomato enthusiast. He has served on the Lansing Urban Farm Project’s board since the end of 2015.
Jeno Rivera LUFP board
Jeno Rivera is a faculty member at MSU where she collaborates in the development, implementation and evaluation of innovative educational programs that promote self-directed learning. When not at MSU, Jeno enjoys gardening, sewing, painting and playing her stringed instruments for her two dogs, a crazy cat and three hens.
Eric Schertzing –The heart of a farm boy beats strong despite 35 years working in elective politics. Serving as County Treasurer and Land Bank Chair has honored me every day with the opportunity to improve people’s lives. Enjoy reading, travel and the richness from being engaged in our diverse community.
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