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Urban Agriculture is happening everywhere across the globe. In this page, we highlight urban agriculture events, resources, and stories about urban agriculture in Michigan paying special attention to the stories of urban agriculture farmers in the greater Lansing area. 


Fall is Here!!

Fall is here. The only heat remaining is the hot peppers and the fire of the leaves.

Half Barn Farm's self-service stand on Lansing Eastside

Stop by for quick and hassle-free veggie pick-up at Half Barn Farm. Check their Facebook and Instagram for announcements! 601 South Clemens.

Suggested donations can be left via cash in the drop slot in the photo or via Venmo@Benjamin-Linsemier.

Farm 2 Apothecary- 
Magnolia Avenue Farms Herbals

Calm your nerves with herbal tinctures hand-grown and crafted with care by our local farmers.

Available at the Magnolia Farms stand during the Allen Farmers Market, every Wednesday 2:30-7pm on the corner of Michigan Ave and Fairview

Lansing Mobile Farmer's Market

The Lansing Mobile Farmers Market brings fresh fruits and vegetables into Lansing neighborhoods where there are limited food access and sells them at non-profit prices! We accept EBT cards, Senior and WIC Market Fresh Coupons, Debit/Credit cards, and Cash.

CLICK HERE to download the market schedule.

Battle Creek man sees farming as a form of protest
Detroit News. “It’s a way to reclaim our power… self-sustainability is the revolution” says 23-year-old Black farmer Devon Wilson. Devon has engaged his community by turning his urban farm, Sunlight Gardens, into a classroom where he passes on his knowledge of organic farming.  Alyssa Keown, Battle Creek Enquirer.

4 reasons why the world needs more urban farming post-pandemic
Interest in urban farming is growing (are we cool yet?!) and for good reason - fear of food shortages from supply chain disruption has become a reality for many. Urban farming not only helps with food sourcing but also improves our health and our local communities. Here are four positive improvements we can see from the increased interest in urban farming. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/09/urban-farming-flourish-post-pandemic/

These Entrepreneurs Think Farmville Could Inspire The Future Of Urban Gardening

An interesting concept, “Jungl” aims to use gamification and social media to get young people involved in urban agriculture with hydroponic farming, connecting them to veteran farmers and a marketplace to sell their produce. What do you think about this innovative concept? https://www.forbes.com/sites/martyswant/2020/09/29/these-entrepreneurs-think-farmville-could-inspire-the-future-of-urban-gardening/#31ce83371bdd. Marty Swant, FORBES.

Root of the Vine Urban Garden's educational videos
Root Of The Vine Urban Garden aims to teach everyone “if you can think it, you can grow it” through fun and informative videos. Join the #GardenGang and learn to grow somthin’.


This Nonprofit Wants Wards 7, 8 Kids To Learn Farming From People Who Look Like Them

"There weren't many Black students in my college classes or even now at environmental conferences and panels. I want the kids to know an environmentalist who looks and talks like them," says Ronnie Webb. His organization The Green Scheme is making a positive impact on local youth and families with after-school programs and community gardens, teaching entrepreneurial skills along with healthy eating choices. https://www.npr.org/local/305/2020/09/22/915413603/this-nonprofit-wants-wards-7-8-kids-to-learn-farming-from-people-who-look-like-them Aja Beckham, WAMU Radio

Urban Farm in Detroit Donates 9K Pounds of Produce 

Read about how one organization had their "goat yoga" classes cancelled, and channeled that good energy into providing for local food banks. https://wcrz.com/urban-farm-in-detroit-donates-9k-pounds-of-produce-the-good-news/ - The Good News


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Urban Food Systems Symposium

Every Wednesday in October - take advantage of online virtual events and learn from organizations outside of mid-Michigan! Hosted by Kansas State University and held virtually on Wednesdays in October, with a goal to share and gain knowledge on urban food systems and the role they play in global food security. This symposium addresses urban agricultural production, local food systems distribution, climate change, nutrition, urban farmer education, urban ag policy, planning and development, food access and justice, and food sovereignty.

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