The Lansing Urban Farm Project (LUFP) is a Michigan non-profit that seeks to support small and urban farms in the Lansing area and integrate food and farming into larger community building efforts.

Winter 2021-22

Lansing Urban Farm Project 
Seeking Your Support to Ignite the Next Level of Community & Culture

Season’s Greetings Lansing-area Food Enthusiasts, Activists, and Eaters,

We have come to the end of yet another year, one that has had its share of agricultural successes and setbacks.  And despite the remarkable enthusiasm and ability of Lansing’s food/farming community, we are still far from where we might be in this thriving Midwestern city with respect to building a sustainable, equitable, locally-supported and valued, food system.

If this sounds a bit despondent, it is.  But(!) we do know that if we work collectively, we can vastly accelerate the creation of a green culture and economy in the Lansing area.  

Takin back the city.jpeg

For a bit of inspiration, see Mark Winne’s recent blog Taking Back a City the Green Way | Mark Winne  Mark is a nationally-respected, long-time, food system analyst and activist (and a gifted writer). He points to real world examples of creating a “more interesting and richer place to dwell.” 

We are inspired and ready for a new phase of transformation in local agriculture! 

It will take involving our neighbors, government officials, organizations, business owners, farmers, activists, developers and everyone who eats. 

That definitely includes LUFP. We invite you to join in, too.


Here is how you can help:

  1. Share your ideas; what talents, connections, and tools can you bring to this green transformation? 

  2. Support LUFP’s efforts financially via PayPal Donate Link below.

  3. Become an official Board Member. We are seeking active board members who are ready to help us address the collective needs of small-scale Lansing farmers and thereby strengthen the city’s food and farming system – economically, culturally, and ecologically. 

LUFP seeks to expand its Board of Directors to lead the organization through the next phase of its important work. We are looking for people with energy and ideas from across Lansing who can help shape innovative LUFP programming and carry a new mission forward. We seek people who are dedicated to the Lansing area with expertise, experience and/or interest in urban agriculture, local and sustainable food systems, and social responsibility. Those with data management, website design, and marketing skills are especially welcome to apply.

For more information about what a Board position requires, please contact the LUFP Board at A review of applications will begin in early-January and will continue until all positions are filled.  

There is plenty of work to do – and the benefits are all-encompassing and delicious.   Thanks for taking the time to read this unusually lengthy newsletter.  


We’ll see you in 2022.

Laura B DeLind (on behalf of LUFP) 

Contact us at

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